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Hi there!


We all use words every day.


They are an essential part of our lives,


allowing us to communicate with other people.


But we often don’t think about how the language we use can shape our thoughts and actions.


Using your language ‘incorrectly’ can lead to: 


  • increased stress,

  • reduced motivation,

  • limiting beliefs.


The reality is that the language we use,


plays a HUGE role towards achieving our goals.


Today I want to talk about the huge power of a single word,


a word that changed my life. 

And the life of my kids too. 

When you’re facing a challenge, it’s easy to say:


‘I can’t do it’


But notice the difference when you add a simple word:


‘I can’t do it yet


This small and simple change in language shifts your entire mindset,


from defeat,


to potential growth and success!


So, the next time you encounter a difficult challenge/situation,


And catch yourself saying:


  • I can’t do this,

  • I don’t know how,

  • I am incapable.


Just add a simple word: 





It makes ALL the difference!



That’s all for today, 



Your weekly visual motivator ;-)




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