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Online course visual thinking. Learn how to transform complex ideas into captivating visuals

Online course Visual Thinking:
Transform Complex Ideas into Captivating Visuals

Learn how to visually explain your ideas and captivate your audience!

In this hands-on online course, you will learn:

  • how to structure and break down your ideas

  • how to transform them into clear visuals

  • and ultimately how to captivate your audience. 


Are your ideas worth sharing? But you haven’t found the right tools to grab people’s attention? 


This course will teach you the frameworks to use and build the skills to start sharing your powerful ideas and engage your audience. In short and hands-on video lessons, you will go from having no clue about visual thinking into creating your powerful ideas visually.

And because I am inviting YOU to my Founding Members Party, this is a one-time only package deal with not only the video lessons, but also a live VIP session with me!

What do you get?

The E-course consist of:

  • 4 units with short and practical video lessons 

  • Worksheets to practise and grow your skills

  • Personal feedback on your results

  • and: 


Founding Members get a  1-on-1 VIP session with me for 60 minutes.  

Package worth = €449

Now  €49 

For founding members only. I am looking for candidates that will follow this course and give me proper feedback. In return for your feedback, you will receive my special attention in a 1-on-1 online zoom session of 60 minutes and personal feedback for the total package price of only €49. This price is for the E-course and the VIP session together.

Limited seats available

Be quick to subscribe. We have limited spots available for this Founding Member Edition. 


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Visual Thinking Course

€ 49


Transform Complex Ideas Into Captivating Visuals

Valid for 6 months

Hands-on course 

Learn how to visually explain your ideas and enage your audience in four steps. Each units has short video's spoken in english, with subtitles, and are very easy to follow. 

1) Introduction in Visual Thinking

An introduction to Visual Thinking, me and my work.

2) Kickstart: The basic skills

In this unit you will learn the basic skills of Visual Thinking. We will start with the Visual language and go from shape to idea. Learn the basic elements of a good story and how to draw them yourself. Make it Visual!

3) Clarify and visualize your ideas

In this unit you will learn the elements and frameworks that will help you structure your ideas and build a clear visual. 

Learn how to break down complex ideas into clear visuals. Get to the point!

4) Captivate your audience

In this unit you will learn the key elements to engage and grow your audience. Learn the power of metaphors and speaking to the hearts. Transform your words and ideas into a clear visual story and…WOW your audience!

Learn how to transform your ideas into visuals and grab your audience attention.
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When is it?

Online course

Launch date: November 21, 2023

Video’s will come online from 21st of November and are available for you to watch over and over until the 21st of April 2024.


1-on-1 VIP session with me for Founding Members

We have limited spots reserved! As a founding member you get a free online session with me. Online 1-on-1 sessions are available in the month of January and February 2024. I have cleared my schedule for you! After payment, you will receive a booking calendar with all the available dates to pick from and secure your spot. I am in Central European Time Zone. and will open spots during the day and evening. 

About me

Marloes Huijsmans, is a Visual Thinker and owner of Linesbyloes Consultancy where she helps companies and organisations to lead, sell and innovate with a visual mind.


In her courses she combines her design background, 20 years of consultancy work and her teaching background all in one. She has an audience of over 60K on Instagram and Linkedin. 

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"I love teaching you my tools and techniques to share your ideas visually. In this course I have combined my experience as a consultant, a teacher and urban designer. See you there!" 


No design background needed

The course is very dense on information and skill based. You will pick up the pen and learn how to draw the visuals yourself. It is not an art class. It is a way of analyzing and communicating clearly. You do not need a design background to attend this course. 

What to expect as a founding member

The normal price for this package is €449, as a founding member you will pay €49 only. 

What I ask from you as a founding member, is to attend the VIP session in the available months and give  feedback on my course. For this I will use a short survey per unit. 


In return you will receive

  • High discount on this course 

  • My personal feedback on your creations 

  • The opportunity to discuss your needs in a creative o1-on-1 VIP session.


All you need is your ideas, a pen, and a paper.

  • How does the VIP session work?
    Because you are a Founding Member, I invite you by email to book a VIP session with me. This is part of your Founding Members Package. No extra charge. We can discuss your ideas in a visual session and I can guide you on your creative path. In 1 full hour we discuss your ideas, struggles and learning goals. I help you to get more clarity and get you to the next step. To get the most out of this session and my expertise, you can let me know in an e-mail what it is you like to talk about.
  • How long does the course take?
    The course has 4 units, with around 90 minutes of videos. It has an Introduction of 10 minutes and 3 units with 20-30 minutes of videos. The videos are short and crisp, which make them easy to view. And you can always pause and go back to where you were.
  • I don't have any design skills, what now?
    There are no design skills needed. You need a pen and paper and be able to write. If you can write, you can draw! I will teach you more about this in the course.
  • Can I learn at my own pace?
    You can start directly after your payment is made. You will receive a link to the course where you can watch the video's. Video's will stay available for six months to rewatch whenever you like. Unit 1 and 2 are already available at start. Unit 3 and 4 will be available beginning December. For this Founding Member round, you need to finish the video's within 3 months to be able to give me timely feedback.
  • My question is not here, what can I do?
    Thank you for your interest. Not to worry. You can always send your question by e-mail to I will do my outmost best to reply to you as soon as possible.
  • Can I view an example of a tutorial video?
    You can see a snippet of a video here.
  • Where can I watch the videos?
    The videos are spoken and subtitled in English, so you can listen or watch them wherever you like. To get the most out of the learning experience I encourage you to draw with me. So you can follow the videos where you are most comfortable and able to draw yourself.
  • What types of assignments do you give?
    In this video series I teach you the basic skills of Visual Thinking. You can follow me while I draw. By doing it together with me, you learn to build on these skills yourself. When ther are drawing assignments you can follow my lead. There are many ways to learn this skill. You can start by copying me, or you can create your own ideas. By uploading your ideas to the platform I can give you feedback, and youare able to from the feedback I provide to others.

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