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How to find your Purpose

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Hi there,

What exactly is your purpose, your ‘why’?

If you don’t know yet,

I completely understand you.

Finding and communicating your ‘why’,

 can be a Challenge.

The process of figuring this out can be a brain cracker, 

Especially when you're doing it alone.

That's where Visual Thinking comes in to help you gain clarity. 

This specific Visual Thinking model has helped me gain more clarity and find my zone of genius: 

The Ikigai Model.

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means "reason for being".

“Iki” means “life”, and “kai” refers to value or worth.

It's the passion that brings joy and gives value to life, inspiring you to get out of bed each day.

Instead of viewing different parts of our lives as separate, true peace and happiness come when everything is connected.

Your purpose lies at the center of these four key elements:

  1. What do you love?

  2. What are you good at?

  3. What does the world need?

  4. What can you be paid for?

The Western take on Ikigai suggests you've found your dream job when it ticks all these boxes.

By filling in this template, you can discover your own purpose:

Knowing your Ikigai can also help you:

  • Find job satisfaction

  • Create inner peace

  • Build stronger relationships

  • Foster continuous growth

It's about enjoying the little things, living in the moment, reflecting on happy memories, and creating a fulfilling and active life. (Ikigai Tribe, 2019)

Enjoy discovering your Ikigai!

Cheers Loes


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