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How to Escape the Learning Pit

When we are learning something new. We often start fresh and confident.

But after a while we might start to struggle or even feel stuck.

We feel like stopping. Taking a break.

Or worse. We give up!

That would be such a shame.

Because we didn't start for no reason.

The purpose was to learn something new!

When you recognize this process. You might experience a common thing called:

The Learning Pit.

What is the learning Pit?

The Learning Pit is a concept that illustrates making mistakes and facing difficulties are part of the learning process.

And we experience different phases in this process.

It highlights the importance of perseverance and trying different approaches to master new skills.

Many people get frustrated when they don’t understand something yet.

Or when they make mistake.

But understanding this process helps.

And thinking about the elements that can help you when you have reached the bottom of the pit, can become a game changer in reaching your goals!

This Learning PIT Template encourages perseverance and helps to show that struggles are normal.

It reassures you can keep climbing out of the pit and experience deep learning!

and fill in your building blocks.

So, next time you are learning something new,

You will know how to escape the Pit!

Enjoy the process,

Cheers Loes

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