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Visual Thinking Course


Learn how to break down your ideas and transform them into clear and captivating visuals. All with the power of Visual Thinking. 

You can join the waiting list and I will keep you updated on the new rounds. 

Best Value

Visual Thinking Course


Valid for 6 months


Transform Complex Ideas into Captivating Visuals

Are your ideas complex to understand?

Do you need many words to explain them?

Is your audience not responding to your story? 

Then this is the place to be!


 I can help you explain your ideas visually and strike a chord with your audience. 

Explain your ideas visually

one picture says more than a thousand words

Speak to the mind and the heart

Speak to the mind

Our brain understands images 60.000 times faster than words. When you explain your story in visuals, your audience will understand it faster, better and remember it longer.  

Speak to the heart

With the right type of visuals you can explain your complex ideas to your audience and really connect with them. They will not only understand what you are saying, but really feel your message. You will strike a chord. By using metaphors and storylines you can speak to their minds and their hearts. And that's where the magic happens. 

Create engaging and captivating presentations with the power of Visual Thinking

How may I help you? 

coffe consult 2-68.jpg
IG visuals 

Choose a visual from my instagram and have it tailored to your style! 


In my shop you can buy an existing visual from my portfolio and have it tailor made to your branding style. You send me the desired colors and text and I will create the visual in your style.

personalized story in one visual
Unique visuals

Strike a chord with your audience with a crisp and clear

unique visual.   


In my visual design process, we will bring your complex ideas back to its core message. Together we design a storyline for you to present in a crisp and catchy visual format.

photo of workshop visual thinking
Do it yourself!

Learn the basic skills of Visual Thinking in a fun and creative online course.


Learn to communicate more effectively with drawings. Get to the point and enlarge your impact. This course is not for artists, but to learn an effective new skill in thinking and communicating. 


Would you like to find out what Visual Thinking can do for your organisation? 

Get in touch by e-mail:


Get in touch!

Free guide to unlock your Visual Thinking Power!

Are your ready for a next step in your career, your business or your personal life? But have no idea where to start? Do you need to make a big life decision? But your mind keeps going in circles? 

With this guide you will learn the basic skills of Visual Thinking. A powertool to create clarity and the future you desire in your own GAMEPLAN. 

Including ready to use template:
your GAMEPLAN! check it out!
Free ebook to start the basics of visual thinking

No strings attached. 

If you need me, I am sure you know where to find me :-)

" Marloes helped us to create a christal clear visual message.
With these visuals we have won three tenders in a row. "

Owner Architectural Studio Amsterdam

Why Visual Thinking? 

visual thinking problem solving

Problem solving

We are designed to work visually. We process pictures 60.000 times faster and remember them 3 times longer. This means you have more brain capacity left to think. And because you work in a non-lineair way, you will see connections more clearly.  

visual thinking is engaging


Visual Thinking is a way to make complex things easy to understand for anyone.  And by using metaphors and pictures you speak to the mind and the heart. It engages your audience  and it will kickstart change!

visual thinking is energizing


Solving complex problems is hard work. And nobody really likes to present himself. By using Visual Thinking you will make these processes fun again. You will feel empowered to tackle any problem and your job interview will be a piece of cake!

My 5 step process to create clear and captivating visuals. Linesbyloes Visual Consultancy can help you transform your complex ideas to captivating visuals.

My 5-step method

We will dive into a creative and analytical process, where we get to the heart of your story. In 5 steps we will go from ideas, words and all kinds of thoughts to your unique and crisp storyline.

1. The intake. You will share your question with me. Based on that I will share you my offer.

2. The visual Interview. In this visual session, I will sketch while you talk and share your thoughts and ideas. Together we will get to the heart of the story and discover the logic of your pitch.  

3. The concept. Based on the storyline I will create a few concepts to choose from. It is up to your to decide which one suits your needs the best. Is it hard to choose. I am here to give you advise.

4. Feedback.  Each process has one or more rounds of feedback. I can not do this in the best way possible if you don’t provide me your honest feedback. After this I will send you the final visuals.

5. Result. You can use your visuals for a presentation, a deep conversation or on social media. Up to YOU!

About me

marloes huijsmans-17 yellow-17.jpg
linesbyloes Visual Thinking Course


I am Loes, short for Marloes.

And I am a senior consultant with a passion for visual thinking. 

A few years ago I discovered visual thinking as a real powerful tool to think and communicate on a much deeper level. The past 18 years I have always been working in a visual way. As a designer I used my sketches to think better; as a consultant I used visuals to communicate with greater impact in board meetings. As a teacher I educated my students.

I am passionate about passing this skill on to everyone who likes to learn or use it in their working life. With LinesbyLoes I love to take a deep dive into your head, and paint a picture for you to make an impact!

Would you like to find out what Visual Thinking can do for your organization? 

Get in touch!



My clients

logos clients

What others say about my work

client linesbyloes

E. van Beem,
Zelfstandige bij EvB recruitment

"Marloes heeft mij geholpen met het visueel maken van mijn onderscheidende verhaal als zelfstandig recruiter. Het eindproduct, de tekening, is het resultaat van meerdere consults. Gesprekken die tegelijkertijd functioneel en fun waren. De prettige interactie met Marloes en de verschillende tussentijdse schetsen die hieruit voortkwamen, hielpen ‘mijn verhaal’ structureren. Niet alleen op papier, maar ook in mijn eigen hoofd!  De uiteindelijke ‘praatplaat’ gebruikte ik tijdens een pitch die ik, niet geheel toevallig, won. Een warme aanbeveling dus! 

clients linesbyloes

Vanessa Paisley,
Owner Paisley communications

"Marloes has a great gift of grabbing an idea, getting to the core of the message and presenting it visually in a comprehensible way. I really felt Marloes has helped me fine-tune my product. I would recommend Marloes to anyone wanting to create a visual storyboard - the clear process and team work meant that the end result is excellent - both aesthetically and content-wise."

personal visual consult

J. Soons,
life coach bij Dynamisch veranderen

"Ik heb een Visual Consult gehad bij Marloes. Ze helpt je op een creatieve en visuele manier duidelijkheid te krijgen in je doelen. Voor mijn onderneming heeft ze me geholpen om een helder beeld te formuleren voor de toekomst. Ze luistert met aandacht en liefde, vraagt door en komt tot de kern van de zaak. Ik zou Marloes zeer zeker aanraden."

clear story after sketch session

Stijn Wilke,
Directeur BIA, gemeente Amsterdam

"We werkten binnen BIA aan een kernverhaal en een manier om dat goed te communiceren, maar we kwamen er niet echt verder mee. Het bleef soms hangen op woorden, en we waren nog zoekende in de manier waarop we het konden gebruiken. Het visual consult hielp om het verhaal dat ik in mijn hoofd heb te ordenen/structureren en aan te scherpen. Uiteindelijk leverde het ook een mooie bruikbare vorm op!  

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