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A 100% personalized visual roadmap that explain your journey and strikes a chord with your audience. 


What do you get?

  • a co-creative process to get to the core of your message
  • 1 high resolution personalized illustration
  • Size: A3
  • Format: jpg and pdf


After purchase you have permission to use it for your business pusposes and on public platforms.
The intellectual property is in hands of @linesbyloes. 

How does it work?

  • Start: You purchase the Visual roadmap and we will schedule a meeting to discuss your ideas. 
  • Interview: We will have a visual interview where I sketch your ideas into the desired roadmap. 
  • Concept: Once the main items are clear, I will start the design process of your roadmap and send you the concept.
  • Feedback: You will have a good look at it and send the missing elements and edit the tekst. If needed, we can discuss the feedback in a meeting. 
  • Computer drawing: I will then create your visual into a computer drawing within 5 workingdays. 
  • Final Feedback: This is the final round. Once you are satisfied, I will send you the final visual.



Once I started the designing process I can not give a refund. I will do my outmost best to make you happy and satisfied. I can go up to 3 revisions if this is needed. 
I do offer refunds on orders I haven't started with. 


Feel free to contact me, if you have a question:

Visual Roadmap

€ 250,00Price
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