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Transform Complex Ideas into Captivating Visuals

Faunding Members Launch!

Learn to master the skills of Visual Thinking and transform your complex ideas into captivating visuals. In this hands-on E-course, you will learn how to organize and break down your ideas, how to transform them into clear visuals and ultimately captivate your audience. Are your ideas worth sharing? But you haven’t found the right tools to make them clear and grab people’s attention? You will learn the frameworks to use and build the skills to start sharing your powerful ideas and engage your audience. In 4 units with video lessons, you will transform from having no clue about visual thinking into creating your powerful ideas visually! AND as a Faunding Members Launch you receive a BONUS: a 60 minute VIP- sketch session with Marloes Huijsmans >> You can enroll as a site member, and activate your e-mail with the button below. After that you will be automatically forwarded to the payment page and receive access to the course.

Overview Course Units

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